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A blog for art and photography featuring people wearing animal masks, make up and costume. Fursuits kept to a minimum please!


Pa Pa “Picnic” Power: Featuring Cat Lady & Fox Boy

Anonymous asked: Do you know where to purchase the Actual fox mask worn by Ylvis ?


They look custom made for the video, but an Etsy seller is making some replicas

Hand-made Fox Mask from Ylvis' "The Fox Song" - Exact Replica - What Does the Fox Say?

However £25 is a bit steep for something you could make yourself;

Get a craft mask ( a half one or a full one to cut in half) £2

Craft feathers or fur £3

Backing card or foam for the ears £1

Paints £2

Totals about £8

Ylvis - The Fox [Official music video HD] (by tvnorge)

foreignmanners asked: Do you know of any sites you would personally recommend, So i could get a dope Animal mask ?


Hmm depends what you’re looking for.

Amazon, Ebay, Horrorfind search has some good sites

The simple, sometimes creepy, animal ones you can get from most fancy dress places. Online or Off.


They’re very cheap ( Uk price is about £1) but they’re a bit small as they’re made for kids. But the blank, soulless eyes and blank or creepy smiles work well for creepy costumes and photo shoots.

Rubber masks vary from about £20 to upto £100+ for very high detailed, light up and furred masks. They tend to be easier to find around the holidays but you can pick them up anytime online.


You can get these in Halloween stores and fancy dress shops. Or online.

However, if you wanted a very detailed, robust mask you could commission an artist. 

I’m currently working on a Hoxton mask from Pay Day